Doula Services

A doula is an experienced birthing companion who understands the emotional and physical needs of a woman and her family throughout pregnancy, labour and birth.

A doula provides information and emotional support during pregnancy, assists couples in discussing their expectations of the upcoming birth and helps them to complete a birth plan.

A doula provides continuous, non-medical support for a woman and her partner during labour. She makes sure the woman is fully supported and that she is listened to throughout the birth. A doula helps the partner to participate with confidence in supporting the woman. She can use comfort measures and make suggestions to reduce discomfort for the woman. A doula holds the space, always assuring and encouraging the woman and helping to keep her focussed.

A doula is aware that the birth will always be remembered by the woman and her partner, and is a protector of the kind of memories that are being created. A doula honours the process of birth. She always remembers, and conducts herself in a manner, that supports labour as a means to bring new life into the world.

The doula service Emma offers includes:

- prenatal visits to provide you with information and discuss with you your upcoming birth
- continuous support during labour and a short time after the birth
- postnatal visits to debrief the birth and provide you with support and information about care for your newborn

If you would like to discuss how Emma can help you have a more positive, joyous experience, please go to the contact page.