Birth Stories & Testimonials

"Practising HypnoBirthing empowered me, as a dad, to be truly involved in our daughter's beautiful birth. The visualisation and breathing practise were invaluable tools to achieve this in such a relaxed, informed and controlled way.
Our Hypnobirthing skills and preparation allowed us to clearly convey our low intervention wishes to the staff, who were very respectful. Then our lovely [daughter] came into the world naturally, drug free and happy. We were delighted . N.B. The best thing about HypnoBirthing, as a dad, was that when minutes old our daughter immediately stopped crying when she heard my voice. Reading scripts each night really paid off!"
"HypnoBirthing was a major contributing factor to the outcome of our birthing experience. I know it gave my husband a sense of empowerment and confidence in his role as birth partner. All the time he spent in helping me relax each evening in preparation for the birth, also strengthened his connection with our baby. For me the birthing affirmations and relaxation sessions gave me the confidence to believe my body could birth naturally, to release control of the birth to my body and also gave me the the tools to cope with the increasing intensity of the surges. When I look at my little girl peacefully sleeping, I still cannot believe she came from my body only a few days ago. I don't think anything in my life will give me such a sense of achievement as being able to give my baby a natural, drug free start to life. Now that she is with us, she calms instantly to the sound of my husband's and my voice, is calm and alert when awake and sleeps peacefully. The benefits of HypnoBirthing are only just beginning for her...."

"Emma attended the birth of my third son. It was a homebirth, and my third homebirth. I have had doulas at all my births, and I sincerely believe in the validity of doulas at a birth, having been at many births in several countries myself. Emma has much useful knowledge about many issues regarding pregnancy and birth she was extremely supportive."

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your support (and wonderful calmness during the chaos!) for my birthing process. [We] have bonded beautifully."

"Thank you for bringing such calm and confidence to our birthing experience. We really appreciated having you there helping things happen so beautifully and naturally."

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