About Emma

I am a mother of two beautiful ‘HypnoBirthing’ babies, who were the inspiration in creating ‘Blissful birth’ and becoming a supporter of women and their birthing partners during such a special and unforgettable time in their lives.

My husband and I began the magical mystery tour towards birth with a firm belief in women’s ability to birth, calmly and with confidence. This wonderful confidence came from having techniques and tools we had learnt from our HypnoBirthing® Practitioner. She had taught us just how amazing and empowering this time can be. (You can read more about Arwen and Sylvan's joyful birth on here.)

Our birthing experience was further enhanced by our decision to have a doula. She helped facilitate a calm and peaceful experience, both for myself and my husband.  I was able to see first-hand just how blissful birth can be when the woman and her partner are fully supported in making their own informed choices about the type of birth they truly want.

The impact of this moving experience led me to train as a doula myself with Australian Doulas, who are best known for their professional, yet personal, approach to the birthing experience. I was taught effective methods to support women and their birthing companions during pregnancy, labour and birth. I also trained to become a HypnoBirthing® Practitioner, to provide birthing mothers and their companions with positive tools to assist them in having an easier, safer and more enjoyable experience.

I now have had the privilege of attending many births, as well as guiding others in their preparations. These births have included natural births, water births, community midwife attended births, VBACs and births where hypnosis was used to help women labour easier.  I have also offered support to those who have had to undergo procedures during labour and surgical births.

As a fully qualified and trained integrative therapist, I offer several other complementary services to fully support women to trust their birthing bodies and enable their partners, so that they may achieve that ‘blissful birth’, that many in today’s society believe is impossible.  I am trained in hypnotherapy, education, performance coaching/NLP, counselling and psychotherapy.

If you would like to discuss with Emma how she can help you achieve the birth you desire, please go to the contact page.